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Returns & Cancellations

Wine is a perishable product. Therefore, refunds and returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. The following General Guidelines apply to refunds/returns:

1. Grape Culture will replace a "spoiled" (corked) bottle of wine with a new bottle of the same wine, provided the wine was not spoiled as a result of heat exposure during shipping or improper storage. Customer is not required to return the spoiled bottle. Grape Culture will incur shipping costs for the replaced wine if pickup or delivery is not an option. Customers may receive a refund for the bottle and shipping fee if a replacement bottle is not available.

2. Cancellations of Wine Club membership shipments are not accepted once the wine has been shipped. Refunds will not be issued once a wine club shipment has been shipped.

3. Refunds/returns will not be issued or accepted for wine that is returned to the warehouse because of failed delivery attempts or due to incorrect delivery addresses unless Grape Culture was at fault for the incorrect address. The customer is responsible for additional shipping or address-change fees for redirected or reshipped wine.